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Who is "Helmet Girl"
In 2010, Nicole Aichele and her horse Blondie broke the World Record for the fastest time ran on a WPRA Standard pattern with a time of 16.643 seconds. 

Uncommon of other barrel racers, Nicole was wearing her helmet during the record-breaking run. Branching into Professional Rodeo in 2013, Nicole continued sporting her helmet and soon caught the attention of contestants and fans who all began to know her as "Helmet Girl."

Some highlight accomplishments include finishing in the Top 30 in the WPRA World Standings, earning 3 BRN4D (Barrel Racers National 4D) World Championship titles, qualifying for the Columbia River Circuit Finals and the Northwest Pro Rodeo Association Finals as well as taking home Rookie of the Year title. She has been featured on The Travel Channel, WPRA Today on RFD-TV and numerous news magazines.

After having to step back from competition in 2014 due to horse injuries, Nicole was faced with the opportunity to re-evaluate what is truly important in life and where to place her focus and trust – In Jesus Christ. Since, she has found a new element to her clinics and her own riding and development as a horsewoman which offers so much more to participants than just success in barrel racing. Her dedication, passion and devotion to both her riders and their horses has not gone unnoticed as her clinic reviewers often describe her teaching style as “straightforward, humble and patient.”

Today, Nicole continues to expand her clinics and teachings, enjoy's working with and riding her own horses, and is continually waiting on The Lord for the steps to take in her life.