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"Thank you so much, got so much out of it. Just what my horses needed.
-Johnna Nunes
"Oh my goodness. What a great clinic!! The best barrel clinic Tonya and I have ever attended. Not a cookie cutter clinic. Each rider and each horse were addressed individually by Nicole with answers specifically for their needs. It was great. Left with a lot of knowledge and know how. Great weather to boot. We were all blessed in many ways. Thank you Nicole Aichele!!!!"
-Cyndie O'neill-Heinrich
"Such an amazing clinic!! … a fantastic experience!"
-Tonya Champa
"I had such a wonderful time at this clinic. I learned so much from not only riding but watching the other riders. The instruction was suited for each rider and everyone benefited from it because it was specific to their needs. I rode a horse I didn't know and was worried I may not learn very much....I was wrong! I learned a lot about myself and techniques that I can use in the future on any horse. Great clinic!!!"
-Stephanie Tobey
"One of the best clinics I've been to! Nicole was great with everyone! We had beginners, to experienced barrel racers, the horse that has only seen a pattern a few times to the horses that knew their jobs and wanted to work it! She helped everyone on an individual basis and showed everyone drills to do with their horses that would help better them! I can't wait to bring her back to Nevada next year! Thank you Nicole for coming down and doing such an excellent job!"
-Samantha Bergman
"I have always wanted to get into barrel racing and recently purchased a colt with great potential. I was very hesitant to attend any clinic with a two-year-old colt who only had 60 days on him along with my inexperience in barrel racing. Nicole assured me that her format was for all experience levels of horses and riders. I was hopeful hearing this, but also hesitant, as some people might just want you there to fill a spot and make money. I decided to take the gamble and haul my colt the 325 mi one way to attend her clinic. I was amazed at Nicole’s down to earth nature and her love of passing on her knowledge to anyone willing to listen. Her clinic format is truly designed for all experience levels of horses and riders alike. I would encourage anyone of any caliber that would like to sharpen their skills of just learn the ropes to attend Nicole’s clinic. I went away with the knowledge, reference material and contact information to kick start my dream of barrel racing. Attending Nicole’s clinic was one of the best investments of my horse training experiences by a longshot. She is not only an amazing horsewoman but an amazing person inside and out that anyone can learn from. Her enthusiasm for the sport of barrel racing and doing it with the mindset of keeping your horse as top priority is one that should be shared by many. I look forward to watching her career take off and hopeful to attend another clinic in the future."
-Kayla Rynearson
"My daughter Emily and I went to a Nicole Aichele Barrel Racing Clinic this weekend, for three days in Fallon Nevada. We wanted to let everyone know what a special gift Nicole Aichele has for teaching. No matter if you are a beginner or if you have been doing it for awhile, her techniques are for everyone. I was so impressed with her dedication and devotion to teaching others. Her patience and knowledge are incredible! By the third day of the clinic she had my daughter and her horse going around the barrels as one. I'm so excited for my daughter Emily to take what she has learned from Nicole and move forward to her dream of becoming a barrel racer.
Nicole, God has given you a special gift for teaching. I just wanted to say it was fun to watch!"
-Fredrick & Emily
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I thoroughly enjoyed Nicole Aichele’s barrel clinic. I have a lot of respect for how she handles horses. Nicole is very calm and humble. She is able to work with riders at all different levels. Her teaching method is straight forward but not harsh. Nicole is approachable and open to questioning. She never appears to get frustrated. I really appreciate the fact that Nicole does not rush the horse or rider yet helps build confidence. I would definitely attend another one of Nicole’s clinics.
​-Heather Green
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Nicole is a patient teacher beyond her years. She does an excellent job of breaking down and explaining what she is teaching and why. This allows you and your horse to see results and improvement while at the clinic. I felt like she treated everyone as equals no matter what level rider or horse they brought. I was happy to see everyone getting their fair share of attention. I would highly recommend attending one of her clinics!! I feel blessed to have met such a kind spirit and excellent horse women! I look forward to the next time Nicole is in our area!!!
-Bea Lefanto
I attended the Nevada barrel racing clinic with Nicole Aichele this fall, I was beyond impressed with all levels of the clinic. I thought everyday was well planned, great and simple instruction and she was able to help all levels of riders and horses. I could see positive changes from all the clinic participants on the last day of the clinic. Nicole specifically was able to simplify dealing with a young horse and her attitude, I can't wait to continue working with my young horse with the new tools I learned over the course of the clinic. One of my favorites parts was watching videos and analyzing the riders and horses. I can't wait to attend another clinic with Nicole in the future.
-Ashley Salgat
I attended the Nicole Aichele clinic September 29-October 30th 2016. I have been riding all of my life and running barrels for 36 years. I have attended clinics along the way barrel racing as well as other western disciplines. Before this clinic I was really feeling stuck with my mare. She was stiff in her turns and would cut off the back of the barrels. She also acted uninterested and anxious regarding running barrels. Despite years of work and patience I was thinking about giving up on the idea of running barrels on her due my lack of success in figuring out how to help her. Nicole is truly amazing. She was instrumental in figuring out what to work on in order to correct the mistakes we were both making. She is patient, eloquent, and well spoken which demands respect and learning. She was also teamed up with Jeff Moore who is incredibly knowledgeable in equinerehab.. Jeff was easily able to recognize that my mare is having difficulty crossing over in the hind end due to a weak stifle and will greatly benefit from strengthening exercises. Jeff was very insightful and is gifted in working with horses. By the end of the clinic my mare was making a lot of improvements and seemed more confident. I feel that I more out of Nicole's clinic than I have any other. I am so excited to continue this journey and feel confident in what the future holds for us. Thank you so much to Nicole and Jeff and praise be to God!
-Carolyn Aikins
NA Clinics
All Ages. All Levels. All Important.
I have enjoyed Nicole's clinics so much that I just attended my third one on Sept. 28 - Oct. 2, 2016. Each one has been uniquely different but with the same concept and information. Nicole is very personable with great communication and works with everyone as individuals. I look forward to the next clinic!
-Brieanna Crawshaw
Nicole brings her knowledge from her own experiences to the clinics as well as a problem solving mind to adapt to each specific horse and riders needs. At her clinics you will learn the correct foundation to set you and your horse up for success based on each horse's biomechanics. Nicole works to help you gain the knowledge of understanding differences in feel, timing and balance and how they each directly effect your performance in and out of the arena. No quick fixes or gimmicks, just good horsemanship directed towards the barrel racing discipline.

If you are experiencing specific problems in your barrel pattern, Nicole will help diagnose the root of the issue and then help formulate a way specific to you and your horse's needs to solve the problem. There is a very limited amount of drills so that you can learn to focus on your horse's body and gain the knowledge to know how to make adjustments on your own in any situation, rather than learning a repetitive exercise. This will set you up for success years beyond the clinic as you and your horse face new challenges. 

Each clinic offers lots of one-on-one time, fellowship with others, and loads of knowledge to take home and grow with. Truly for any level rider or horse, Nicole will help each one where they are at. Any other questions, feel free to contact Nicole under the "Contact" section or read the reviews from past participants below. 

What to Expect:
What Past Participants Say:
My 14 year old daughter took both the 2016 spring and fall clinics. Her improvements after each clinic were amazing! She cut 2 seconds off her barrel run after the spring clinic, then immediately following the fall clinic, there was a benefit barrel race for a local rider, and she won 1st in the 1D! The results of Nicole's instructions are amazing! Her teaching methods are very gentle and consistent and she is also a lot of fun! The clinics are focused on each individual rider and horse; Nicole studies each student and evaluates how to help each rider better communicate with their horse. She observes not only how the horse and rider work together, but also if the tack being used is effectively communicating what the rider wants from their horse. In the fall clinic, Nicole decided that the bit we were using was not effective, so she allowed us to borrow one of her personal headstalls with a bit that made a world of difference! It was amazing to see how the proper tack can improve communication and bring awesome results! Nicole is so helpful and supportive even after the clinics are over! After the spring clinic, we took a video of a barrel run and texted it to her and she gave us immediate feedback!
We are eagerly anticipating her next clinic!!
-Deborah & Andi Tobin
I recently attended a Nicole Aichele barrel racing clinic. I was hesitant to go since it was over 300 miles away and I had already been to several barrel clinics over the years. My four year old horse was just starting to get fluid on the pattern and I was looking for some advice and another opinion on how to help her advance in a positive manner. We had a small group at the clinic and various levels of riding ability, Nicole was able to help each one of us at the level we each needed. After three days of instruction I came away with new friends and the knowledge on how to help my mare become a competitive horse in today's barrel racing world. Nicole is exceptional with the horses and riders. She was very patient, caring and persistent. She helped me to understand exactly what it was she was trying to show us. It was a privilege to have her help me with my mare. I would recommend Nicole's clinics to all level of riders.
-Carol Peterson
I am hoping that I can put in to words how wonderful Nicole's clinic was. I began the clinic with a four year old filly that I started myself. I, personally, have no experience on barrels at all and started this journey with my filly in hopes that I will be able to futurity. I ran my filly on the pattern the first day of the clinic and Nicole knew exactly what I needed to work on. She not only helped me during the clinic, but, she helped my filly as well. I saw this with all of girls and their horses. I appreciate Nicole's common sense horsemanship; which is very hard to come by. She took everyone down to the foundation skills and built us up from there. The foundation skills we were taught will assist us through our entire careers. We all received plenty of one on one time and were pushed at the speed that we and our horses required. Nicole kept the pattern very simple and the way she taught was extremely effective. She also created an action plan for each of us to follow after the clinic ended. It was the best thing I could have done for myself and my filly. It was a wonderful weekend of fellowship, friendship, and horsemanship.
-Amanda Waller
I really enjoyed going to this clinic on my three year old gelding that was ready to start being put on the pattern. I wanted to start him right and not have it be a fight and this was accomplished through this clinic. I would of been happy with just being able to slow lope through the pattern by the end of the clinic but I was able to add speed and see how that went. It went good for a colt trying to find his feet. LOL I was also glad to know that Nicole is willing to work with colts and not just a seasoned horse. I got to learn through other participants and their problems as well as my own issues. I also really liked how Nicole was willing to spend time with each of us as we needed and even to get on horses if it helped the horse and rider accomplish their goals. The atmosphere was calm and relaxing the whole time and that really helped my colt stay calm and not get nervous on the pattern for three days. Thanks for a great clinic and experience for my first clinic. I hope to come back again.
-Emily Cook
Update: Due to a recent change in direction, Nicole will no longer be hosting barrel clinics in the same format as previously, until further notice. However, she is available for Horse Expos, Speaking, Rodeo Bible Camps and similar forms of events for instruction as well as "ride days" which involve free or by donation instruction on the barrels open to all in the area of the location. To schedule a ride day event or any other function, visit the contact section below. Thank you all & God Bless!